Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Survey on our Target Audience

Out of 60 people this is our result…
Target Audience: Willing
Shoelace Tightener VS Double Knot: Shoelace Tightener
The result for the target audience was: 45 willing to 15 unwilling.
The result for the shoelace tightener VS double knot was: 43 willing to 17 unwilling.

Our target audience expects the following in our product:
Affordability 100%
Durability 87.5%
Flexibility 87.5%
Small in size 87.5%

Monday, 4 July 2011

From Prelims 1 to Prelims 2 to Semifinals

From Prelims 1, we learnt our lessons and added more slides into our powerpoint slide to eliminate the unclarity of our products, Such us a comparison chart on the current market products against our product.

Finally, we passed our Prelims 2, and proceeded to Semi-Finals.

Before Semi-Finals, we went to many different place to scout for our materials, as seen below, and triedo n many different prototype. After 2 futile tries, we finally managed to create a prototype that serves the purpose of our invention.

Below, is a video on how our prototype would work.

-----        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKgjXawg9mY   -----  

Finding a material

After searching what seems like a million shopping malls and markets...
-Lot 1
-Woodlands Civic Centre
-Causeway Point
-North Point
-Chong Bang
-Admiralty Place
-YewTee Point
-Sun Plaza
-Orchard Road
-Sembawang Shopping Centre
 Finally, before we moved on to China Town, we found our AWESOME material at Teck Whye, that sure did saved us lots of trouble.

Here are the materials we used for our final prototype.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Material of prototype:
[any clip with the ability to bind things together tightly]

-HUGE paper clips [for its ability to bend and mold into shapes and its thickness]

-other things to reshape the metals.(e.g. hammer)

Prototype Job Scope

Finally, after our hard work put into our Prelims 2, we finally continued to Semi Finals...

Our New Job Scope is
- Yang Zhi- The Group Leader, Co Manager of the Blog, Co-maker of prototype.
- JiaQi - The Manager of the Invention Blog, Researcher
- XinCheng - Maker of Prototype~

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Job Scope and Target Audience

Our Job Scope is
- Yang Zhi- The Group Leader, Co Manager of the Blog, Researcher.
- JiaQi - The Manager of the Invention Blog, Co Researcher

- XinCheng - The main artist in drawing out our thoughts and putting them into pictures.

Our target audience would be mainly:
Children who does not know how to tie shoelace
Older people with arthritic fingers 
People who have difficulties tying the shoelace to their liking of tightness 
Does not like the idea of tying and untying a bow when visiting, leaving a place.

Current Market Product

Power Laces – The Self Tying Shoe Lace:

 Power lace is quite expensive
The button/things inside gives trouble to the user when spoilt.

Velcro Straps on shoes:


  • Helps children that does not know how to tie shoelace
  • Tightens, loosens shoes
  • Easy wearing/removal
  • Quicker than tying a shoelace
  • Popular for medical reasons, difficulty bending down, etc.


  • Velcro can stuck unwanted materials in it ( removing them is a messy task )
  • Does not have the "classic look" (adults hardly wear those shoes)
  • Loud sounds produced when unstrapping.
  • Velcro might lose its stickiness.
  • Softening of plastics.

Lace-amatic: Shoe Lace Tightener:

 Fast lace tightening, instant knotting & quick shoe removal

It might drop out if its due to the mischief of friends as they still can pull the knot.
Knot might untwist if mechanism is faulty over time.

Quick Snap - Boot fasteners:

It is rather troublesome to fasten many tighteners, as every cross between shoelaces must have a tightener.

Nathan Velocity Laces:

There will still be some string that are not in used, even if you tuck it in like in the picture, it still might drop and you might still trip and fall.
Moreover, it does not look nice with two strings budging out.